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Well Healed Physio is a private physiotherapy practise which specialises in neurological conditions and musculoskeletal injuries. We also work closely with other health professionals such as, podiatrists and orthotists to provide the best possible treatment.

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which helps individuals with a variety of conditions, improve their physical function. Physiotherapy treatment enhances independence with functional and sporting activities following injury, illness, or ageing. Physiotherapists use a combination of treatment techniques to improve mobility and increase muscle strength, range of movement, balance and posture.

Physiotherapy concentrates on an individuals physical function such as problems that affect muscles, bones, heart, circulation and lungs. Physiotherapists help maximise an individuals physical potential and independence with everyday tasks. Physiotherapy involves a range of treatments, including, exercise, electrotherapy, joint manipulation, massage and hydrotherapy.

Physiotherapists help children and adults from different cultural, psychological and social backgrounds that may have complex rehabilitation needs. Physiotherapy also promotes positive lifestyle behaviors by teaching individuals to self manage their condition which improves confidence, sense of well being and quality of life.